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September 1, 2008

Word Nerd Gifties in Photos

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Word Nerd Gifts

A DVD of one version of Pride & Prejudice I have never seen before and a Jane Austen bookmark. Fantastic. I cannot wait to see what Jaimi sends me for this month.

Anyone else feel like sharing their goodies?


August 26, 2008

August Draws to an End

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I second the call for updates!

I’ve been a bit of a word nerd drop out myself.  Lots of good work in July, but August has been “meh” for me–I’ve focussed on other aspects of my life instead of integrating the writing as much as I should.  Rather than kick myself, though, I’ll just start fresh with the beginning of the new semester and my new schedule.

I wanted to remind everyone that the final package to your partner should go out by next week or so–I’d love to see pictures of what people have sent, too!

So…does anyone want a new round that would start in October?  I know fall is a busy time of year, but I’ll make matches if you all want partners.  Leave a comment or let us know what you think in a post.  And, hey, thanks for joining in this little experiment of mine!

Any Updates for August?

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How are all the Word Nerd partners doing?  I think this Word Nerd Co-Op has helped me immensely.  My partner, Jaimi, and I have given each other a weekly update during these three months.  For the most part, we have reached our goals.  I’ve given her some rough drafts for review and her comments have helped a great deal.  Hopefully, we can keep in touch even beyond this Word Nerd Co-Op.

How is everyone else doing?  Let’s get some updates on our progress and whether this Co-Op was worth while.  I think if this Co-Op continues next year for another three month stint, we should get some greater interaction on this blog.

Keep writing…and have a great remaining 2 weeks of August.

July 28, 2008

Tap, Tap

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Hi Word Nerds,

I’m sorry I was away from the co-op for so long.  I just approved the pending posts, which should give you a nice, juicy bit of reading for a while!

As July draws to a close, I wanted to remind you to make sure that you send out a little motivation package to your partner.  We’ve got a little over a month of the co-op left–how is it working out for you?

The conference in Taos was fantastic, and I’m re-energized about my book.  I’m aiming to have 120 pp written by the end of the summer, but I’ll settle for a good 100!

Let me know how you’re all doing!



Yikes! Halfway? Crap…

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So seeing it spelled out in type like that, made it real. Halfway? Seriously? I am doing well on meeting my weekly goals for times to sit down and write, which is good, but I am not being as productive as I’d like. It’s a function of life with three boys running around, summer time and the lovely weather, and that last week we were in Florida for a much-needed family vacation.

But now that we are back, game on…I will try to be better about not just screwing off and getting down to business. I really would like to have a finished product by the end of the summer. It helps to have a partner to be accountable to, thanks Serena!

I’ve been brainstorming…

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Proof (pictures) on my blog, Tea Leaves.

Fiction Prompt

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Hello All:

I wanted to provide the fiction writers with a prompt this week, so here it is.

Think back to either one of the worst or best moments in your life and write about it from the point of view of the opposite sex. How would they react differently; what would they say that you didn’t; what emotions would they express or keep inside that you wouldn’t have?

Try to explore what you think are the different ways in which men or women cope with the same situation. You can feel free to embellish and change facts to make it less like your life if you prefer. Additionally, you could write a piece from a woman’s point of view and then use the same situation to write another piece from a man’s point of view.

Anyone who feels free to post their attempt (even if it is in rough draft form), feel free. I think it would be great to see what everyone comes up with.

Most of all, Have fun and keep writing.


July 10, 2008

Writing Rooms and a Note

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I wanted to share this site with you.  There are pictures of writers’ rooms, along with their descriptions of them.

Also, I leave tomorrow for a ten-day trip to New Mexico.  I’ll be visiting friends on the weekends, and I’m taking a novel class in Taos during the week.  I haven’t decided if I’ll bring my computer or not, but in any case, I’ll catch up with you on July 21st.

In the meantime, how about a half-way point check in post from each of you?  Or some writing prompts?  Or…what have you?

Happy Writing!



July 1, 2008

It’s July

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Did you send your pal a little something to encourage her in this endeavor we call writing?

Do you feel like taking a few minutes to evaluate your progress and maybe revise your goals for this month?  I plan to.

Do you wish I’d get the list of blogs up?  Would you help me by emailing me the url you’d like me to use?  See, I’m being a bit lazy and figure I’ll let you do half the work for me!  The e-mail to use is wordnerdcoopATyahooDOTcom.  If you’re already listed, well, just skip this step!

Would you like to post a writing prompt?  How about one of the non-fiction writers first?

Could I ask more questions on the first day of July?

June 23, 2008


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In keeping with the last, fantastic post about sharing where we write, I thought I’d pose the question–do you listen to music when you write?  If so, what?

I often don’t unless I have an emotional scene or a difficult scene.  Then I try to find something with the right mood to really help me get into it.  I usually try to make the music I listen to something sans words, or in Spanish (I don’t understand too much Spanish), so that the words don’t influence me, but I still get the mood.

How about you?

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