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May 30, 2008

Answers to Questions

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1. At what level would you describe yourself as a writer (for instance, just starting to take myself seriously; searching for a graduate program, etc.)? I am a proficient writer, but it isn’t anything great since I mainly write as a model from my students. I don’t envision myself in a graduate program for writing per se . . . just not for me at this time.
2. What genre(s) do you write? At this point, it is almost always non-fiction, either straight expository or memoirs.
3. How do you fit writing into your life right now? Whenever I can . . . on the blog that I share with my sister, with my students, for my students.
4. What is your goal for this project (June 1-Aug. 31)? I would like to have three or four solid pieces of which I can be proud (possibly one fiction piece).
5. What steps do you plan to take to reach that goal? I need to set aside time specifically for writing and not let cheesy summer television get in the way.
6. How do you reward yourself (or how would you like to be rewarded) when you meet a goal? Doesn’t everyone love praise? That does it for me . . . and sock yarn . . . and chocolate.
7. What writing craft books do you have/like? I’ll admit it: I don’t have any writing books unless you count the numerous educational ones that I have.
8. Any craft books you’re interested in checking out? I am open to any and all suggestions.
9. What inspires your writing? My family . . . they pretty much mean everything to me.
10. How would your author’s blurb read? I am a huge fan of the “story in six words” concept, so I think mine would say something along the lines of: Front car of roller coaster, screaming. But it needs work.
11. Tell us about your family (partners, kids, pets, etc.) Married for almost 17 years, 17-year-old twin daughters (you do the math), one dog, one cat
12. Have you ever participated in Nanowrimo (finished or not!)? Since I don’t know what it means, I’m going to say no.
13. What can you do to make it easier on yourself to meet your goal for this project? Probably doing a little each day no matter what platform (computer, laptop, paper and pen)
14. What are you looking for in terms of support from a writing partner (ex. Exchanging work for critique, being held accountable for meeting a word count goal, etc.)? I would love to exchange work for critique and someone to push me a little.
15. What crafty pursuits do you enjoy when you’re not writing? Knitting and fledgling quilter.
16. What other hobbies/past times do you like? Reading and reality TV – love it!
17. What non-writing-craft books have you enjoyed? Just about anything, especially non-fiction and chick lit
18. What else would you like to share with us? The Westing Game is my all time favorite book and I reread it every year, but I still can’t get past the ending without sobbing – even if it means just reading that page over a student’s shoulder. Oh, and I really, really, really like ellipses . . . and I’m a crap speller.


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